MeMeA 2011


MeMeA 2011 will be the 6th edition of a successful series of international scientific events: MeMeA 2010 Ottawa-Canada, MeMeA 2009 Cetraro (CS)-Italy, MeMeA 2008 Ottawa-Canada, MeMeA 2007 Warsaw-Poland, and MeMeA 2006 Benevento-Italy. Due to the success and wide attendance of the previous events, this edition is organized as a Symposium.

Symposium  Topics

Nowadays, advanced medical instrumentation and measurement form the first link in the chain connecting engineering to medicine and pharmaceutical technique. At this stage, flaws may lead to a myriad of repercussions at all levels, starting with the safety and efficacy of care. The importance of measurement in medical applications is growing continuously as increasingly sophisticated techniques become available for general, unsupervised use.

The edition 2011 of the MeMeA symposium will be made in the beautiful town of Bari, splendid Italian crossroads between culture, technology, science and landscape.

The goal of this edition is to present novel solutions to instrumentation and measurement problems encountered in modern health care, under both the technological and the medical point of view.
In order to favorite the discussion and the exchange of experience among the researchers, the manufactures of medical measurement instruments and final users such as medical researchers and doctors, the MeMeA 2011 symposium will include a special track focused on “New trends of diagnostics in Medicine”.

Main topics include:
• Sensors for medical systems   
• Biosignal processing
• Sensor fusion and calibration   
• Imaging and communication
• Measurement and quality control in medical preparations   
• Standards for medical applications
• Embedded systems   
• IT in Medicine
• Environmental Medicine   
• Patient safety / Medical and instrumentation errors
• Home automation for disability, injury, desease or old age   
• Bioingineering and rehabilitation
• Biomedical robotic methods and systems for robot-mediated motor therapy   
• Ecological model of measurement in medical applications
• Monitoring rehabilitation and accelerometry   

The expected contributions to be presented at this edition of the MeMeA symposium should address these problematic issues and bring up critical opinions and innovative solutions to instrumentation and measurement challenges in medicine. We would also like that attending people consider arranging Special Sessions on topics of interest.

We are now providing ECM (Continuing Education in Medicine) accreditation of the Symposium, in accordance with the requirements of the Italian Ministry of Health.


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